The Big Picture

September 3rd, 2005
As I view some of the photos from Katrina, and think of the many people who have lost it all, my heart goes out to them. There are many efforts under way to help the survivors in New Orleans, but I won’t go into that. Katrina is so huge, I haven’t… more »


August 21st, 2005
I found an interesting-slash-entertaining site today. Actually it wasn?ÇÖt today it was in a timewarp that came out in 2056 or so. The news item on predicted grave circumstances due to the shortage of s more »

Za Anyone?

August 15th, 2005
After 7 years, the new Scrabble dictionary is out. No, wait! That’s just the Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary version 4. It’s not the “official” list, that is, it’s not the official word list for Scrabble competitions. As in any organization, the… more »

Hello World!

August 7th, 2005
Since this is the initial entry for the blog, don’t expect much. It’ll take me a few days to feel comfortable combining this new technology with my rants and raves. No, really, my thoughts will leak out eventually, unless they are in sensitive areas, in… more »

Pressure Sores

April 6th, 2000
Introduction According to medical studies, pressure sores are a leading health care problem for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and other forms of paralysis. A study in Iceland found that 58% of people who use a wheelchair have had a pressure sore.… more »

Batch File Library

November 19th, 1989
Batch File Library           If you've been wanting to combine all those little batch files into a larger single bat file, here's a tool you'll find helpful.  When this file is typed in, save it under three names BAT.LIB, BAT.BAK, & BAT.BAT.  It's… more »