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Return from UT Tyler

Much of my blogging ceased when I started back to school in 2008. There are some, but few, entries between 2008 and 2012. Now, I have a little more freedom to write, and with a much improved platform in b2evolution, writing will be easier to do.

To be continued..

My Legacy

January 21st, 2007
Legacies are now becoming even more difficult to build and maintain these days. Maintaining my legacy was what I did most of yesterday. I'm talking computers here not a philosophy or memory being passed down to subsequent generations. Legacies in compute more »

Post Civilization

January 15th, 2007
A period of time has been portrayed in the movies where the planet was mostly deserted due to a nuclear catastrophe or other world wide phenomenon. Much of that time is characterized by a post-modern savagery of fighting and lawlessness. That's plausible more »

Presidential Replacement

January 13th, 2007
I wasn't too impressed by Bush in the first election and by the second I was even less moved. He had performed well as commander in chief but he let down a lot of people in the areas of marriage protection immigration and other issues. And in the las more »

Legislative Failure

January 13th, 2007
In our last legislature one of the common themes I've heard complaints about was how the republicans gave so much away and made so many concessions. Considering the claims and promises of many republican candi more »


January 7th, 2007
Credenda/Agenda is a religiously and philosophically Trinitarian cultural journal. Or at least that begins their description of this publication. I have been receiving it for years mayb more »


January 5th, 2007
Not much has changed since the first century. When Jesus came he encountered at least two major groups of people. On the one side there were the sinners who were most likely considered the rebels of the day. more »

More Photoshop masks

January 4th, 2007
When I'm shooting objects in order to make them easier to work with I will put them on a solid background of a color that is not in the object. This gives me a number of options when I want to change the background. I select an area before I work with i more »