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Return from UT Tyler

Much of my blogging ceased when I started back to school in 2008. There are some, but few, entries between 2008 and 2012. Now, I have a little more freedom to write, and with a much improved platform in b2evolution, writing will be easier to do.

To be continued..

My Music

October 20th, 2006
Music is a nice diversion. When you talk about politics religion or business any disagreement is a source of contention even if you're not being contentious. When you talk about music everyone has their preference and most every more »

Minimum Wage

October 19th, 2006
It's been ten years since the last minimum wage increase. Every year it's proposed and every year the Republicans put it aside. With their emphasis on what's good for business it'll be a hard sell to get one passed next year. more »


October 17th, 2006
This is one of those days when I have nothing to say. Now I do have a file drawer of notes for things I want to write about but often when I go to the notes the notes I have don't make sense or don't seem that important any more. more »

Offbeat Texas Stops

October 16th, 2006
Speaking of transportation and travel my boss gave me a paperback a week or two ago about travel in texas. Titled "52 More Offbeat Texas Stops" it includes a collection of historic sites museums events and generally odd destinations. Bob Phillips has more »

The Transit

October 15th, 2006
In the late seventies one of the things I enjoyed doing was getting a newspaper and reading the highlights of the day; or maybe reading a chapter in a good book or a magazine article. If I had some project I was working on I might pull out some of my o more »


October 14th, 2006
We had frozen za today baked in the oven of course. The box says "New Look Same Great Taste". I thinking though if there's a new look shouldn't the consumer see it without reading it. Also thinking why brag that the package is better but the prod more »

Fat or Strong

October 13th, 2006
In the last few weeks I've heard a lot about church growth. Though that term never came up the thought was there; how to grow membership in the church. We go to a small church and there is room for growth. There are some programs that they are working on more »