Dana Bell

Thank you for reviewing my resume. This is a working exposé of my qualifications. I spend more time updating my skills than I do my resumes, so some elements may will be out of date as you read this. I have been developing my skills primarily in accounting and information technology. You will see on the education page that I have degrees in both Accounting and Computer Information Systems, earning highest honors (summa cum laude) in the process,while being active in extracurricular activities. You can find a few standardized resumes under downloads. A revised site is now under development.


In the accounting arena I am an Enrolled Agent and have prepared tax returns on a volunteer basis for several years. I'm constantly freshening up on tax concerns and studying issues related to tax preparation. As a result of one of those studies, I published two books, Education Tax Credit Essentials, and most recently Education Tax Credits: And Other Educational Incentives. Other skills shown on this site serve to enhance my business and accounting potential. I anticipate using my tax knowledge as a launching point with a local CPA firm. I am looking forward to eventually providing accounting and business consulting services to the local area, although I will consider other interesting positions.


In the area of information technology, I have recently been developing Access databases and managing web databases. I am primarily interested in software and systems development for accounting and management. I have considerable personal experience in programming and expertise in the areas of perpetual inventory control, management accounting, mail management and a variety of other areas.


In addition, while I am often considered to be a fast learner, I focus more on mastering the subject at hand. I am also capable of appropriating resources available to better manage a project or operation. Overall I have been quite versatile in what I can do. If you have a particular job for which I may be suited, please give me a call (I'm listed) or use my contact page. Be sure to use a name, subject and content that doesn't look like spam. Thank you for browsing.


Dana Bell


Note: I generally do not respond to non-paid agency listings or recruiter suggestions, and am currently not interested in moving or commuting outside of Tyler.


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Last Update: May 18, 2016