Dana Bell

My projects have now been broken down into categories. These are a few of the projects I have worked on during my work or educational career, or in my personal time. Select an area to view the related projects. Projects allow me to continue to expand my areas of knowledge and develop expertise in the area. Projects also fuel my drive to plan, organize and manage the development of a system or campaign.

See activities for other project-related subjects. Not being able to land the perfect job is no excuse for not applying my expertise when there are so many social and charitable organizations and activities to be involved in.


   • Accounting & Management
   • Information Technology
   • Web Technology
   • Graphic Design
   • Graphic Arts
   • Other

   • Accounting Projects
   • Database Projects
   • Programming Projects
   • Web Projects
   • Graphic Design Projects

   • Photography
   • Scrabble
   • Disc Golf
   • BBS
   • Chess




   • Resumes
   • Databases
   • Graphic Design


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Last Update: May 6, 2016