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These pages are a revival of the disc golf section I used to have on a different site a few years ago. It's 2013 now and I'm getting back out on the course more. Disc golf has grown considerably since my last major update in 2008, so it's time to do a major update of these pages. If you don't know what disc golf is, then do a simple search on the Internet or just visit the wikipedia page on disc golf.


Disc Golf has grown considerably in East Texas in the last 15 years. In Tyler there are now at least 5 active courses, not counting a number of private courses. Lindsey Park is now home to three courses with varying levels or difficulty. There is also a course at the University of Texas at Tyler, as well as one at the ROC (Recreational Outreach Center of Green Acres Baptist Church). I've also been informed that there is also now a 9 hole course back at Noble Young Park which is where I started playing disc golf in 1995. Read more about the courses and course history on the Courses page. There are also other courses in nearby towns that may be worth checking out. Try searching the PDGA site.

The Disc Golf Clubs

There have been multiple organizations in East Texas. The first was Rose City Disc Club (RCDC) and it has been revived several times for certain events. In addition, there was East Texas Disc Golf Association, formally DGIF. RCDC is now active again with Lindsay Park as its home turf. Mini and doubles tournaments are held on a weekly basis and regional events are also held here. Another organization is the Tyler Christian Disc Golf Club, that rotates between the ROC and the three Lindsay courses. You can read more about Clubs if you're interested.

Guide, Games and In the bag

Also a part of that disc golf section was a disc golf guide, with descriptions of all known golf discs, and a similar page where players could log their favorite discs, and anything else they had in their bag. You can also read about some of the games we've played or seen.

Disc Golf Vendors

In the early days, the only source of golf discs were in places like Dallas, Shreveport or on-line. That was when I started the business Bob's Golf Discs and started selling discs from the back of my car, and later my van. Now a favorite store for local disc golfers is Onion Field Disc Golf, hosted by Lawrence Nance. Discs are also sold at Racquet and Jog, Academy, Walmart, and have been spotted in one or two other stores.

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