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I don't stay here much, but this could be described as my portal, the page from which one might survey many of the things I am involved with. If you don't know me, you can read a few things about me. I've been living in the cyber world since the early 90's, and have changed addresses three times now since I first moved in. First it was Gower.Net, then Texramp.Net, then Saltatoria.Com. Now I have a mobile home here at Tyler Hosting, an entity I may eventually convert to a hobby/business storefront providing low-key web hosting.

I polished some of the furniture (web pages) at Saltatoria.com, and moved most of that content here. Some of the content is the same, but it may look different and still need a lot of SEO work. This includes, but is not limited to the 2002 S D Lee and Heritage Class of 72 page, previously written articles for Streetworks, and the Disc Golf section. The Web Page Maker that I had in my last home is in storage. Samson's page is also gone, but I do have a page about all our cats. I am also an avid word game player (Scrabble and Words with Friends) and have created my own study tool called Hoot.

On a more serious note, this is where I have my resume, an anticipated update, and information about tax books I've published.

If you want to know what I think about stuff, read my primary blog, although some of my posts there are from a much younger, spunkier version of myself. I am a web designer, so I have other pages scattered across the web, in addition to the many social and professional networks I've joined. There is a short list of my web pages on my resume Projects page. Pictures? Oh, I used to have a few of those on pbase.com, but let my account lapse. Sorry. Someday I'll put them on Flickr.

If you should get lost, you may also see a list of my most frequently used pages at 404.html. Seemed like a good place.