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Life is so full of things to do!

To the left you'll find out some things about me and some of the things that I am or have been involved with. First, alphabetically, I'm a cat lover and have a happy family of cats. Secondly, I'm a designer, that is a graphic designer, which of course includes print and web. Third, I am and have been a tournament director, first chess, then disc golf, and possibly next, Scrabble®.

Fourth on my list is disc golf. I don't play as much as I used to, but still get on the course every week. Fifth, according to some IQ tests, I'm a genius with an IQ of 154. Learning, being able to figure things out is so much fun. Being a Christian, it also helps me to appreciate the "infinite" wisdom of God. Sixth, I'm a photographer. I started in college in the early 70's and got back into it in 2005 with my Digital Rebel , the Tyler Photo Club and on-line photography groups.

Number Seven is what I've been doing for over 30 years, printing. It pays the bills and pays for all my other hobbies. The eighth is programming. Started that in the 1980's. You've probably guessed my age by now. Scrabble®, mMy current hobby, game, whatever is ninth, alphabetically.

Last on the list is being a writer. That's why I'm still going on and on. There's more. I'm also part American Indian, or is Amerindian more correct now? I also play chess and work on my own cars. I used to run a BBS (Bulletin Board System), back before the Internet was public. We collect bells and have been learning Spanish. But, I'll get to all of that later.


I am married and working. I'm continuing to learn new things every day, either something computer related or something related to automobile mechanics. That's just the way life is and the way I am.

One of the most valuable things about life, and I suspect the one thing that keeps me so interested in life, is the source of life, Jesus Christ. Having a relationship with Jesus, one where I can communicate with him and He can communicate with me is awesome.

I'm not as fired up and active doing religious things as I used to be. Either because of my stage in life, or due to modifying beliefs, it doesn't seem that crucial. Ironically, it's more because of my increasing faith; trusting that Jesus is indeed in control. But, I don't want to be presumptuous. Indeed, the Christian life is often a balancing act. Presumption or Faith.

It also goes without saying, the Christian life is a life of seeking. Seeking to know Jesus more, to trust Jesus more, to know His will for my life. I could go on and on, and that's just how rich a relationship it is.

Since I now have to make the pages that I've mentioned, that's all for this one.



Last Update: July 13, 2012