Compare Lexicons


You can compare two lexicons in Hoot. If you want to know the differences between two lexicons, use this screen to show them. The comparison will show words in one that are not in the other. The option is available from Tools tab.

Although you may never study two separate lexicons, this can also be handy if you want to compare your primary lexicon with a list of common words, so you can focus on words that are not familiar to you, or others. Note that for some comparisons the list display will not operate optimally. When there are more than 30,000 words in any listbox, the navigation can be challenging.

When lists are displayed you can toggle between the hook and word display for each of the lexicons. Each list also has a context menu and slide show option. Context searches made from a lexicon's list are relative to that specific lexicon not the currently loaded lexicon.

There is also a third box in the middle containing words common to both lexicons. The only context menu option available in this box is the ability to save the list to a file. Sorting defaults to word length, then alphabetical.

Another option for comparing lexicons is to use the Query and Search for All Words (in the currently loaded lexicon) except words in a different lexicon.