Add Definitions


Hoot enables the addition of custom definitions in the database. A collection of brief definitions is included in the distributed Hoot database. Before adding definitions, make a backup or copy of the database file. If the dictionary file is poorly formatted multiple attempts to add the definitions will add words or definitions to the database that can't easily be removed.

Access the Add Definitions utility from the Settings tab.

From the Add Definitions screen, select the dictionary file and then give it a title. You should also select a language because the definition will only be shown in lexicons that have the same language specified. You can use any characters but typically languages are two letter abbreviations and would include English (en), French (fr), Spanish (es), German (de), and Italian (it).

Hoot reads a plain text file in one of two formats.


There is a test function at the bottom of this screen that allows you to lookup a definition. Simply enter the word and press Lookup and the definition will be displayed in the progress box. If multiple definitions have been added for a word they will be shown by this Lookup.