Looking Ahead

This is where I share what new features I may add to Hoot. Hoot version 3 is out and I've succeeded in converting to a SQLite database. Following are some things I haven't yet implemented.

In French, the types of word studies a player would do is different and French has a different set of prefixes and suffixes. With the expanded string of extensions possible in French due to conjugation, more involved extension study may be more useful. Instead of studying words with high value tiles (JQXZ), in French you would be studying JKQWXYZ instead. J and Q are 8 points while the rest are 10 points. I now include the ability to identify prefix/suffix by language, but have not, include language stems for French, and support for different types of searches for French and other languages.

The Hoot user identification only supports managing known words and the checklist. User note taking may be added to that and I am looking at whether Hoot needs to maintain more user information. I'm also considering saving searches (search type, letters, filter, userid) in the database in addition to being able to save searches to a file. But, I don't want it to become cluttered or confusing.

Lexicon and subject lists probably needs more automated support. I am considering saving the detailed information with lexicon and subject list exports, and the ability to Import lexicons from a compressed file.

In version 3.x you can now add words to a leicon, but It would be nice to be able to fully update lexicons after new words have been added, and it may not be that difficult, but since it won't often be needed I keep putting that off.

Then there the new incentive to include a cardbox system that will support study of lists.

You can get a glimpse of some things I'm actually working on if you log into Hoot with the username 'Dana' and then look under the Development tab.

I mention all of this for two reasons, to let you know what changes I'm anticipating, and to get your feedback on what else Hoot needs to have. Of course, many of the new features were spontaneous additions. If you have an idea, contact me.