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According to some of the on-line IQ tests I've taken, I'm a genius. Of the 6 or so, I've scored between 133 and 154, or in descriptive terms, between gifted and genius. Of course, this is all unofficial since they are not a proctored tests, but they may be good estimates.

Learning, being able to figure things out is so much fun. While I do remember a lot of boring classes in high school and college, now I am really enjoying learning new things on my own. With modern technology, computers and freely available software, there's no limit. I'm considered a master at subjects I've never taken a class in.

I have discovered some things about being a genius that's fascinating. There is a site with a collection of sayings, but the one that I remember is "A genius can do anything; but make a living." Well, I am making a living, but I understand the concept. I don't know anything I can't do, or that I can't learn to do. Yet, I make a lot less money than people that don't know or do a fraction of what I do, or can do. They say that an employer won't generally hire someone that knows more than he. But, that's tangential to a whole nuther dialog.

I suspect a lot of the inability on the part of others to learn new things has to do with self-confidence, either that or they don't have the time and energy to learn. Maybe they didn't take all their vitamins as a child. I used to eat the candy Flintstones vitamins like candy. Yeah, that's it.

Being a Christian, it also helps me to appreciate the "infinite" wisdom of God. But, that brings up another question, what's your SQ (spiritual quotient), or your CQ (caring quotient). I Corinthians 13 questions, paraphrasing, "what good is all the knowledge in the world if you don't have love?"


Last Update: January 1, 2006