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Okay, you've guessed it. Or, at least, I hope you guessed it. I am a web page designer. I've been working on web pages for a decade now. Back then, it was mostly text pages. Now, I'm creating and adding graphics to pages. I'm particularly fond of using different kinds of fonts. I haven't designed any fonts and have thought I would like to, but that may be just a stage I'm going through.

A lot of what I've done is related more to the broader field of graphic design for print and web. I've done newsletters, flyers, stationary, logos, and the full set of promotional and directional material for very successful tournaments in East Texas. One was a chess tournament, the others were disc golf tournaments.

I have adobe certifications in Photoshop CS (graphics manipulation) and InDesign CS (page layout), and I'm working on Dreamweaver certification (web site development). I've had the same instructor(s) for all of my design courses, me; and members of the on-line discussion groups.

I'm also another kind of designer. I am, or was, a disc golf course designer. I designed the initial disc golf course at Lindsey Park in Tyler, Texas. I also designed, and redesigned, and redesigned the course at UT Health Center here.

Actually, the creation of software is also a design process, but I'll save that for "the programmer" page.


Last Update: January 1, 2006