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I have always loved animals and when I was growing up, guess what type of animal I had. Yep, a dog. A house dog. Yep, I love all kinds of animals. Of course, I am particularly fond of cats.

Cats have many qualities that a personality like mine would like. They can be playful, but most of the time they are relaxed and in control.

We do have a houseful of cats, all of which stay inside now. But, I also have a colony of cats at work, too. We have a group that takes care of the feral cats where I work. They trap, neuter and release them, and provide food and shelter.

That's something my wife and I did at one time. One of those cats is now living in our home.

I'm working on a page devoted to all our cats, each cat we have owned or placed. But, that's a lot of work I still need to get to.



Last Update: January 1, 2006