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I should probably say "computer programmer" here, though I do know how to program my VCR, a cash register and various other electronic items.

Today there's dozens of places in town competing for your computer dollars. When I first started working with computers, radio shack was about the only one that had them. Then, soon after the IBM PC came out, Epson came out with the Equity I that I purchased at an office supply store.

Back then, there wasn't much software available, so if you didn't want to spend big bucks, you needed to learn to write your own stuff, which is what I did. I already know Basic by then. It wasn't long until I really moved up in the world and got a Basic compiler. Since then, I've learned C and a played with a whole host of other languages.

That's what I'm doing now, in fact. Programming. Some things are a hassle to do, even in Dreamweaver, so I switch to code view to edit the source code. Programming is akin to inventing things, or writing a novel. When you write a program, you create something. I've never worked as a programmer, but you can still find more about my programming in my resume, if you are really interested.



Last Update: January 1, 2006