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I hope I don't get into trouble using the term "scrabbler". The company that makes the Scrabble® game is pretty particular about their logo. Of course, scrabble is a real word, with meaning similar to both scribble and scramble.

When I first played Scrabble, we rarely finished a game. We were so clueless about how to go about making words. Now, with all the support from serious players, there's a wealth of study aids, and guides to learning how to play.

I've been playing serious for about two years, off and on. I have to go to Dallas or elsewhere to play in tournaments to find people that will beat me in person. I am still at the bottom division of three main divisions, but last year I was third on a list of people with the highest rating gains in a six month period, though my rating gain was in a single tournament.

If I just spent more time studying I could make a living at it. Yeah, right. There's a lot of people that are thinking that. And it sounds more like work like that.

Most of my play is now on-line at the Internet Scrabble Club and because of other interests, my ability and rating has been slipping for a while now. Someday I'll be able to get back into it. If you see me on ISC (dbell154), let's play a game.


Last Update: January 1, 2006